Our World Today October 3, 2018

Sitting in my office today trying to get some much needed study time in for my Sunday Sermon. Then out of no where I began to think about our world today. We are living in the worst times that I believe we have ever lived,  in the United States of America. When a senator and  his family can not go out to eat because there are people who dont like his party or what he has tried to do for America, screaming and shouting and I am sure a lot of vulguar language, we have a problem. When a supreme court justice is raked over the coals by one party of our two party system and when the allegations cannot even be proved then we have a problem.

Regardless whether you are a republican, democrate or an independent voter, our party affiliation is not where the problem lies, it is a problem with our heart and the sin that we are allowing to control our nation.

Everyone needs to be reading the word of God and praying without ceasing for our nation, our world, our government,( local, state and federal levels). God will hear the prayers of His children and will answer their prayers and will heal their land. We need a great revival to bring people back to God.

Please stop several times a day as often as you can to pray for our nation, pray that God will heal our land.

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