IS GOD REAL 01/13/2017


We have to look at scripture and believe what the Holy Bible tells us about God.

In Genesis 1:1 " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"

God is the creator, the author of life, without God, there would be nothing.

Some believe in the big bang theory, where there was an explosion in space which caused everything to come together to form the earth and our solar system and our galaxy and life. Think about that for a moment, how can an expolsion create? Have you ever seen a building built by causing an explosion? NO buildings are demolished by an explosion. When a building is needed to be demolished to make room for a new building, explosive charges are set off to bring the building down, I have seen several buildings emploded but I have never seen anything new erected because of  that big bang, have you?

To find out if God is real start reading the Holy Bible and as you read you will find out and you will see that God is real.

The earth, planets, plant life, animals, fish, birds and humans did not come into exist because of an explosion in space.

If all was formed by a big bang in space, there still had to be a creator that caused it to happen.

It is easier to believe and have faith that God created everything into exists by simply speaking it into exists.

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Pastor Robby (Phil.4:13)

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